The Basics of Importing and Exporting in the USA

Importing and exporting obviously help your business to expand in the markets of other countries with international customers and ultimately grow your business, but you need to essentially know and follow all customs rules and regulations. The appropriate US authority for ensuring customs duties and tariffs is the US Customs and Border Protection or CBP, to whom you should be directly accountable while fulfilling the customs procedures yourself or can take the assistance of a professional, reliable and licensed customs brokerage such as Clearit USA for successful clearance of your goods across the border. Most importers and exporters often take the assistance of professional customs brokerages instead of performing the procedures themselves because various reasons particularly to utilize the experience and expertise of customs brokers as well as get numerous advantages of engaging an efficient customs brokerage to act on behalf of them.

The importing comprises any goods or services or resources of a certain producer of a certain country and sell them to the buyers of a different country. If you intend to start importing or a new importer, you can get detail information about US importation from the website of CBP along with helpful and useful tips for the new and start-up importers. You must take note of an important aspect that some goods or services or resources necessarily require permit or license for importation into the US.

Similarly, the exporting comprises any goods both intermediary or final products or services or resources which a buyer of a certain country purchase from a certain seller of a different country. Similar to the tips provided about importing in the website of the CBP, you can get all necessary information and tips regarding exportation along with different exportation tools and assistance in the link. You can utilize these tools and expert knowledge in your exportation and grow your international business. Another important aspect exactly like importation, you may need a valid permit or license or even special permission in order to export certain types of goods or services or resources from the US to other countries.

In order to know which, the goods or services or resources are that need you to obtain a certificate or license, you need to check the requirements of the federal agency of the US and refer the guidelines from the US Customs and Border Security-CBP. You can also directly contact the local port of entry through which you will import your goods in order to get information on the requirements of your importation or exportation. However, even in the case you do not need a license, you must fill the CBP entry forms within 15 calendar days of the date the arrival of your goods.