Donny Kelvin


Is Modular Construction Cheaper than Traditional?

As the name suggests, traditional buildings are built using conventional or the most popular building procedures. Construction starts with the laying of the foundation. It is then followed by building walls and then roofing the house. Once the house is...


How to Track Employee Progress? 

Performance reviews are a necessity but time-consuming when done traditionally. The managers and employees hardly enjoy it because performance reviews create an awkward and argumentative dynamic between parties involved. Forced review scores used to compare employees with one another promotes...


Choosing The Best SEO Consultant

So you need help with search engine optimization (SEO) or online marketing? Perhaps, you fail to drive the desired number of customers to your site. Maybe, you wish to market your venture through all possible online platforms. No matter your...


Ecommerce Advertising Methodology

There's never been an eCommerce marketing approach that fits all eCommerce channels- consequently, your method is likely going to be some Hodges-podges of the best techniques that will ensure you high ROI, an increase in sales conversions as well as...

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