The Top Tools for Homesteading

When it comes to homesteading, there a lot of items you can afford to live with and very few you can’t. The priority purchase (and most useful thing to own) is a tractor. With attachments like a double bale hay spear, a box scrape, or an auger, a tractor can take a three-day job and turn it into a matter of hours. You can use a tractor to level a driveway, raise homestead fencing, or get your food source started. If you want to narrow down your wish list to the most important farm implements, these are things you should include on your list.

A Rototiller

Homesteading often involves gardening, and whether you want a small garden or a half-acre plot, a PTO-powered rototiller will be your best friend. There is practically no comparison between this option and a walk-behind tiller. Always check the size recommendations, since weight and width matter for a successful run. Check on the horsepower ratings, hitch classifications, and measurements on the tire sidewalls before you make your purchase.

A Backhoe

A backhoe attachment is another versatile tool that should be added to your list. Though you may not have a list of projects that require its services, when you do need to use it, it is a gamechanger. You will often find projects to do that need the equipment. You can use the attachment to dig holes or drainage ditches. Though it is a big investment on the front, when you are using it, you are saving much more than if you had to hire someone. As a practical tool, it makes an effective counterweight when you are working with the bucket loader.

A Bush Hog

This another farm/homestead must-have. If you have any type of field or property to manage, a bush hog acts like a giant lawnmower on steroids. It makes quick work of brush, small trees, bushes, and tall grass. The speed and convenience of a bush hog mower saves precious time and energy that could be spent on other areas of the homestead.

A Generator

Though many wouldn’t consider it a tool, when you purchase a PTO-driven generator, you are investing in the farm implement of a lifetime. You really can’t get along on a homestead without a generator.  Any location that is prone to electrical grid failures needs a PTO-driven generator. It produces a lot of energy, often more efficiently than a stand-alone unit.

To be successful with your homestead, you need the right tools and equipment on hand. These four implements should be a the top of your list when looking for tractor attachments.