How to Save Money Outfitting a Commercial Office

Starting a business comes with a variety of upfront costs. There are product costs, commercial property costs and municipal fees. Here are a few ways to save money when outfitting your commercial office.


Businesses need a variety of furniture to greet clients and provide space for employees to work. Pre owned cubicles can give your employees a place to work without causing you to restructure a large space. Not only that but purchasing some of the furniture pre-owned can save a lot of money on furniture costs. This money can then go toward other expenses. There are a few places you may want to splurge on furniture such as a lobby or particular room to greet clients, but most of the furniture can be bought pre-owned.


Business owners rely on a variety of tools to effectively run their business. However, when you are starting out, you don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest. Rather than splurging on the most expensive accounting software, go with something lower cost that meets your basic needs. These tools can help you track expenses and revenue, generate quotes and more without the hefty price tag. Look at the other options you have for the software before buying something. Services such as Microsoft 365 may meet your needs and help you budget in the monthly cost rather than buying outdated software you have to replace each year.


Your business may not need the latest, best version of equipment when starting out. Buying a gently used computer, printer, copier or fax machine can easily save the business money. If you need delivery vans, consider buying gently used to save the upfront costs. Just make sure to check the history of the vehicle to avoid expensive maintenance costs in the future. You can always upgrade or replace equipment as your business becomes more profitable.


There are a ton of ways to save money on utilities. Invest in energy-efficient lighting to cut costs on energy usage. When the office is closed, make sure the lights are off. Put in a programmable thermostat that keeps the temperature comfortable when people are in the building but turns it up or down during off-hours to save energy costs. Computers suck a lot of energy, make sure people turn off their computers before leaving for the day. While it may take a few minutes to boot up in the morning, the energy savings can quickly add up. These are a few ways your business can save money.