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UV bonding is the process of adhering two pieces of glass together using a special UV adhesive to create a very strong bond. The adhesive is activated by using light. This process is increasing in popularity all around the globe. It can also be used to bond metal parts like stainless steel rather than drilling and cutting. It creates a desirable look.

These are used at various places like the glass counters at supermarkets, restaurants, and display cabinets at jewellery shops. UV bonded creations are also used at home or offices just like in shops like writing desks, coffee table and other furniture. There are many companies who produce these products to check links to know.

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  1. Durable-

The glass is not fragile like a standard glass which makes it durable.

  1. Invisible-

The joints leave no visible glue marks. The adhesive dries crystal clear.

  1. Customization-

Preferred designs or logo can also be added with sand blasting.

  1. Possibilities-

There are different thicknesses of glass, with which strong creations can be made which can sustain everyday use.

UV bonding is generally used in applications which includes-

  1. Display case construction
  2. Automotive headlamp assembly
  3. Novelty bonding sign assembly
  4. Adhering light fixtures
  5. Plastic package assembly
  6. Stemware assembly
  7. Glass to metal bracket assembly
  8. Fountain and furniture assembly

UV bonding requires a lot of kits and tools to function in a proper manner. Click here for more details about it. Some of the UV bonding tools are-

  1. UV bonding fixtures
  2. UV Set-up carpet
  3. UV Set-up mat
  4. UV bonding lamps, safety glasses, face shield

Benefits of using the UV bonding are-

  1. It bonds in seconds.
  2. It cures with UV or visible light.
  3. It is suitable for a variety of plastic, metal and glass.
  4. It is environment friendly.
  5. It is solvent free.
  6. Blue and red fluorescing formulations are used for improved inspection and quality control.


  1. Do not place very hot or cold items on the glass surface.
  2. Do not sit or stand on the glass surface.
  3. Do not lift the furniture by using the glass rods.
  4. Do not use the glass surface as a chopping surface or strike the glass.

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