TV Usage App


Ever wondered how social media and the development of technology has invaded our lives immensely throughout the years? Our presence in the digital world may sometimes feel a threat to our lives and also our privacy. The numerous contents that we are exposed to in the digital world may sometimes feel a bit too much for our lives.

Due to the internet and the digital world being extremely vast, the exposure to inappropriate content is high. Therefore, it is important that when technology is being used for good cause, we also draw our own limits so that we know where to stop and what to enjoy and what not. Children are the future of the world.

Due to this, it is extremely important that we as adults monitor the content our kids watch and enjoy. They must be protected at all costs and given only what is best. Ever wondered how you can limit and monitor their usage of the digital world, what they watch on television, apps, etc? Well, now you have nothing to worry because with the ‘TV Usage app’ all of you will be able to provide only what is best for your kids with parental control and other features.

This parental control and well being app in the digital world for Android TV, ‘Tv usage’, gives you the ability to limit screen time, usage times, and app locks. The features on the app will also speak for itself as to why it is the best.

About TV Usage Apk

You can now lock all of the apps on your android TV with a simple 4-digit pin and keep it to yourself so that your kids will only have access to certain apps that only you pick out for them. Decide heir screen time and also the number of hours they can use the TV so that you will always be in control of their TV usage. You can also super conveniently set break times at any time you wish so that you can control your kids or even yourself form binge-watching shows as per your convenience.

However, you can also provide unlimited access and usage for some apps that you may feel safe and important to be available at all times. With this, you no longer have to worry about unlocking all other apps when you are using your favourite app. You can also completely block some apps that you feel like is taking too much of your time or you’re being addicted to. You can also witness your usage and habits for all apps with the chart that is being produced by the app itself. This way, you can easily monitor your daily routine and decide if some apps require less or more of your time respectively.

The ‘TV Usage’ app is indeed the best choice to keep yourself in control at all times and also manage your screen time and app usage. Control your kids and also yourself from having too much TV time at your convenience.

Install TV Usage App

Best app to control usage of your Android TV and Fire TV. You can lock and hide wanted apps and games. Installation is simple with Applinked or FileSynced. There are other options like Aptoide TV and UnLinked apk. You can choose your own method. Click here to download Aptoide TV. Here we are using Filesynced app. Filesynced uses FileSynced codes to access FileSynced stores. You may find all popular and trending FileSynced codes within the Filesynced app.