The True Cost of Turnover

With the holiday season right around the corner, many people are in the mode of looking for new jobs while companies are thinking about how to get ready for the new year. While this often means hiring new employees as old ones leave, it is also important to think about the true cost of turnover. When employees routinely come and go, this can lead to a lot of hidden costs that can start to drag down a company. Looking at the cost of turnover in a new way will help companies and leadership personnel get a better handle on this important issue.

Training New Employees

One of the biggest costs of turnover comes in the form of training new employees. When there is a lot of turnover, there are routinely new people who arrive at the company. This means that some of the experience individuals from the company need to take time out of their day to train these new employees. Furthermore, employees are often paid during their training time without really producing anything of value for the company. This represents a significant cost that every company needs to consider. Having new employees can significantly weigh down a company at first.

Slower Efficiency with Turnover

Next, it is also important to think about the harm to efficiency with constant turnover. When companies put new employees on the front lines, these employees often take a little while to get comfortable in their jobs. During this time, new employees are often inefficient, taking longer to complete tasks than seasoned employees. which can be clearly seen and tracker with employee time tracking software. This can cause companies to fall behind with respect to various customers and clients, hurting the bottom line. Furthermore, there might even be times where jobs are left completely unoccupied. It can take a while for companies to find the right person to take a new job. During this time, the company will continue to fall behind, hurting its efficiency and its bottom line. This represents the price of turnover.

Think About the Cost of Turnover

These are only a few of the numerous issues that can arise when thinking about turnover. This time of year represents a common time for turnover issues. Companies are often thinking about expanding by hiring new employees. Furthermore, employees are often looking for bigger and better opportunities. At the same time, it is incumbent upon businesses to minimize the rate of turnover. Turnover can clearly have a lot of issues for a company, hurting its efficiency and its bottom line. Therefore, companies need to take steps to retain top talent and hire young, innovative professionals. This can help companies minimize turnover, retain good talent, and stay efficient on a regular basis.