How to Track Employee Progress? 

Performance reviews are a necessity but time-consuming when done traditionally. The managers and employees hardly enjoy it because performance reviews create an awkward and argumentative dynamic between parties involved. Forced review scores used to compare employees with one another promotes an unhealthy competitive atmosphere. It even underestimates collaboration and team spirit.

Another overlooked drawback is that performance reviews reveal employees responsible for their low scores but hardly concentrate on enhancing their performance through coaching for better future output.

The new approach is to be proactive and use tracking software. Real-time employee tracking software integrated into daily business workflow gives distinctive benefits to the management on different levels.

Workers – The time spent on current projects or tasks helps employees stay organized. Every phase they work on is in front, which is easily accessible for approval, review, and feedback from their project managers.

Managers – Managers get a quick overview of the team’s progress in a current project. They can identify any obstacles and struggles quickly, which is good to reach the goal before the deadline. Identifying roadblocks is time-consuming but with an integrated tracking solution it can be done with ease.

Companies – The organizations gain access to a huge valuable data that helps them make important decisions like offering employees with performance-based incentives.

Team leaders – Check direct reports and offer relevant and useful feedback. Problematic areas can be detected and fixed, so that employees can move efficiently towards their goal.

Besides, performance tracking software it is essential to integrate an HR solution that can help to hire top talent in the field. For production and marketing, you need a skilled team.

To find top producing sales people that generate 80% of business is crucial. Ambition can never be taught because it is inbuilt in the character of a person. The sales manager needs to look for motivated candidates who are desperate to excel. Appropriate software can help you hire top talents as well as offer performance feedback.

Once you’ve found your clients, it’s important to track the amount of time you spend working for them otherwise they may look to other contractors with more accurate estimates. By using an online time clock, you can track exactly how much time was spent working for a partiuclar client and invoice them accordingly.