Fleet Management System: 4 Ways to Manage Drivers Better

Consider your existing fleet management system and how you can leverage it to improve driver productivity when establishing a driver management strategy. The success of your drivers can happen by enhancing current practices such as safety and inspections.

A driver monitoring system can automatically upload fleet-critical data, such as fuel consumption and telematics information. Thus, you can receive real-time information about your drivers and assets and identify areas for improvement.

Here are some neat ways to fortify driver management.

1. Utilise GPS and telematics information.

Your drivers are constantly on the move, so it is essential to have a straightforward method for monitoring their daily productivity. Integrate a telematics device into your blind spot monitoring system. It grants you access to current data, such as driver status, location, and safety habits.

2. Track fuel usage.

Because fuel is a recurring cost for fleets, you must monitor fuel consumption on your vehicles. A fleet fuel management software with a blind spot detection sensor simplifies data collection. You can monitor trends and easily compare your daily mileage to the distance travelled.

3. Establish safety standards.

An effective drowsiness detection system takes a proactive safety stance. It not only ensures that your company is compliant, but it can also prevent unforeseen financial burdens.

4. Streamline the process of inspection.

Some drivers may find inspections tedious, especially if they are still required to use paper inspection forms. To get back on the road, they are more likely to breeze through inspections and take shortcuts. This practice has the potential to jeopardise assets.

Drivers are more likely to conduct thorough inspections when the process is straightforward. The most effective way to improve your inspection process is to go paperless and utilise a vehicle inspection application.

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