Everything you need to know about shipment through Automated Export System

The Automated Export System is a major requirement by the US Census Bureau to collect all your necessary information. If you have been shipping to the US, it is necessary for you as a business owner to ship all your products thoroughly in the long run. Moreover, registering with the Automated Export System has become an important part for the Gross Domestic Product for the nation’s economy. 

The Customs and Border Protection board checks for all the data to ensure that the customs reporter complies by all the rules. Any business failing to provide sufficient documents may be held to be illogical and illegitimate. This further acts as a protection from the unauthorized parties which may eventually be harmful for the businesses. 

What has changed? 

Over the years, a lot has changed in the shipment industry. While earlier people had to fill for the Shipper’s Export Declaration, nowadays they need to work with AESDirect. One major advantage is that now it has become entirely based on electronic system rather than the paperwork. This further provides you a great deal of accuracy. With this, you file for the Electronic Export Information which further gives you an ITN number. This further ensures that you can import and export in America without any inconvenience. However, it is extremely necessary to input the accurate information. Not taking care of the accurate information can further make you prone to being penalised severely for even around $10,000. 

When do you need to file with AES? 

Importers and exporters need to file for AESDirect only when they are exporting the merchandise from the US to any other country. This becomes extremely important if you are exporting products of more than $25000 or the product falls under the Schedule B category. Nonetheless, the origin of goods is also taken into consideration. In all the cases you will need to file for an AES. Filing for an AES will eventually get you your trade license in US irrespective of the value. 

Irrespective of the value of product, you wouldn’t need to opt for AES filing if you have been shipping products from Canada to US or vice-versa. 

Who files for AES? 

The US Principal Party in Interest (USPPI) is responsible for filing AES, which is more than the US exporter. You can put forward Clearit ITN number request so that you can start filing regularly. Moreover, having an ITN number will eventually make it easier for you to ship products.