Create an Excellent Research Survey with these 7 Tips

An excellent research survey offers clear, dependable, and actionable information to help researchers make decisions. These surveys have more response rates, higher data quality, and are efficient to complete. Here are seven tips for an excellent online research survey in Singapore.

#1 Keep It Short

Most respondents are willing to spend up to 10 minutes of their time completing a research survey. Hence, an online survey with more than twenty questions is too lengthy in practice.

#2 Straightforward Comprehension & Answers

Short questions and responses are preferable for any online survey in and out of Singapore. Avoid asking open-ended questions and avoid implying the expected answer through the phrasing of a question.

#3 Categorise by Topic

Organising questions by topic allows you to ask general inquiries first, followed by more specific queries. Putting questions with the same answer scale together lets participants answer your research survey faster.

#4 End with Sensitive Queries

Participants are more willing to share sensitive or personal information after answering other questions. Hence, position the most sensitive or intimate questions after your research survey.

#5 Emphasise Data Security

Assure your participants that their personal information will be kept private and will not be shared with third parties when they answer your research survey. Instilling trust in your respondents by using this remark in your online survey can boost response rates.

#6 Forego Irrelevant Questions

Participants dislike encountering irrelevant inquiries. You may avoid frustrating the participants of your online survey in Singapore by creating intelligent and responsive surveys with logic and routing technologies.

#7 Test with a Small Group

Before making your research survey public, have a few people test it first. It will ensure that it is working and that all questions are understandable.

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