What Is Black Hat SEO

Something that we must be very clear about is that web positioning is a background race, with which, we must be patient and do our best always if what we are looking for are lasting results. If you are thinking of using black hat SEO techniques in this project that you have dedicated so much effort in recent months, you better think twice.

It is more advisable to contemplate medium / long term strategies and try to follow Google guidelines as much as possible to take care of a penalty, to take risks, and make your web project (and all the effort you have put into it) go to waste.

In most SEO agency, they have seen, first hand, how the wrong decision of some of their clients to play with the dark side of cheap SEO services [jasa seo murah which is the term in Indonesia] to grow faster, has led them to face severe sanctions by Mr. Google.

Nobody wants to go through that, so in the following article, we will explain what the SEO black hat is.

What Is The SEO Black Hat

We understand as SEO black hat the set of techniques used to position themselves in search engines in a “fast” way and skipping the Google guidelines. Speaking, of course, is cheating. These techniques are considered unethical by the search engines themselves, and if they catch you using them, they will most likely end up penalizing your website and disappear from the search results. Today you have to go very carefully since Google detects them faster, and if you want your project to last in time, it would be best not to use them.

Google is getting smarter; therefore, even if it is a type of new technique and think that you will not get caught, they will and quickly. We do not recommend that you have to go through the cumbersome process of removing the penalty from a website. It is not worth it, and the best will always be to avoid it.