Water Drop Macro Photography

This is an exciting and fun field niche in photography. It involves taking accurate shots of a Speedy water drop. Even though it is fun and exciting, it can be quite challenging. The essence of this photo is to capture close up photos. Macro photography generally defines the capturing of images which are higher than the subject. In the case of water drop macro photography, water drops are seeing everywhere and in natural places like flowers leaves. Water drops are everywhere and are a perfect natural sight to behold. In this article, we shall review The Essential things you need for a great macro water photography shoot before editing in a photo software pc.


Water Drop Macro Photography Gear

The essential items you should have for you to get a perfect photograph of your water drop. Those essential gadgets Are What We Shall elaborate in this section.

Camera & Lens

If you can have a quality and sophisticated camera, that would be advisable, but if you can’t, you can start with what you have. No matter the kind of camera you use, you must ensure that the camera has a reasonable shutter speed with enough depth in the field. Also, the camera should come with a proper macro lens for smooth focusing on the subject.


The proposed Stan is another important girl you should own for a perfect water drop photo. It serves a useful purpose for those with shaking hands. Even if your hand is not shaking, you need to use a tripod for accurate shots. When you see your side, you might be forced to move, and that will drain the shot.


A study subject is the next thing to consider after having a tripod and a quality camera. It would help if you kept your subjects stable, especially with a table. This will give you the advantage of taking many shots from different sides. The height of the table and the triple should be equal. You can read more here