Tips to Get Started with Houston, Texas Legacy Planning

You work hard in life to ensure your family is safe and secure, even after your unfortunate demise. Yes, end-of-life planning or legacy planning is extremely important for more than one reason –

  • It protects your loved ones
  • It ensures only the right people inherit your legacy
  • It prevents discord in the family
  • It protects your values

However, the process in itself may seem daunting, especially since there are so many factors to consider. Legacy planning is not just about your assets and wealth but also about passing down knowledge and skills. There are Houston, Texas, legacy planning firms that can help you come up with a solid legacy plan.

However, read on to discover some general pointers to remember as you go about the process.

Start by Gathering Information

Before you can pass down wealth as a legacy, you need to have a precise estimate of all that you own. So, start by gathering information about your accounts and estate. This could include any investments you’ve made, jewelry you own, or other valuables in your name.

Consider all the less valuable yet sentimental items you wish to give away. Once you have a holistic view of all information, the legacy planning process will become easier.

Think about Medical Care

Medical care is another very important decision you’ll be making. This is to ensure that you would still receive the care you need if you come to a position where you can’t ask for help yourself.

For this part, seek the assistance of an experienced healthcare advocate who will help you formulate a solid medical care plan that goes well with your legacy planning.

Decide the Answer to the Important “Who Gets What?” Question

This can be the trickiest and most time-consuming part. Hence, the sooner you begin, the better. First, list all family members or who you’d want to share in your legacy.

Then, explore your options and decide what share, items, and heirlooms each should receive. Consider this carefully, take your time, and involve your Houston, Texas, legacy planning experts for guidance.

Consider if You’d Want to Donate to a Charity.

Apart from those dearest to you, donations can be made in the name of philanthropic or charitable institutions. You can make a financial donation in their name if you’re already associated with a trust.

Other than money, you can also choose to donate your belongings, such as valuable books and clothes, among others. In case you’re not associated with a charity but wish to donate, do thorough research and see if their values align with yours before donating to their cause.

Do the Needful!

Even if the process may seem challenging and complicated, remember that you do not need to do it yourself. Reliable Houston, Texas, legacy planning services are available to smooth the rough edges. If you die without legacy planning, the Texas Law will be exercised to pass down a legacy.

Finally, ensure that you avoid some of the most common legacy planning pitfalls, which include lack of proper communication and preparation and not following your own wishes and values. Remember, it is not just about you passing down assets but belief systems that have served you through your life. So, take the professional help you need and make informed choices!