Three Important Benefits of Acrylic Counter Shields

For many years, acrylic counter shields have been a common feature in medical clinics and banks, creating a barrier between receptionists, tellers, and customers. These days, these counter shields have become an essential component of almost every business as employers want to protect the health and safety of their employees and customers. Displetech protection plexiglass or acrylic shields are a solution to help businesses navigate COVID-19 regulations and protocols. Below are the main benefits of these shields

Establish a Protective Barrier Between Employees and Customers

Installing an acrylic counter shield helps prevent the spread of viruses through airborne contaminants like sneezing droplets and other particulates. They protect both employees and customers from infectious diseases like COVID-19. Thee shields are easy to sanitize and can be easily changed between shifts to keep a healthy, sterile working environment. 

Keep People Distant from Each Other

As acrylic counter shields create barriers between people, they make it easier to maintain social distancing. As a result, both employees and customers will be at ease. Also, installing them shows the commitment of a business to protecting people’s health and safety. Customers may frequently buy from a business that makes them feel safe and is taking proactive measures to follow the guidelines of the CDC.

They are Easy to Assemble and Install

While acrylic counter shields can be shipped unassembled, they can quickly be assembled on site. They can be mounted with either Velcro for ease of changing shields between shifts or for regular cleanings or screws for extra durability and stability. They feature a powder-coated metal base and polished edges, making them ideal for any point-of-sale countertop or high-traffic areas such as coffee shops, bank counters, take-out pick-up locations, and more. 

Counter barriers don’t need to be cumbersome. Versatile mounting options make them customer-friendly and movable for easy cleaning. They can be hung from the ceiling or an overhead mount. Also, they can be installed on very stable feet that let them be fully removed for cleaning.  Or they can be securely and permanently mounted to the counter. 

Regardless of what the new normal may look like, protective counter barriers are a part of it. Over the next months, thousands of these shields are expected to be installed. So now is the time to grab your acrylic counter shields and keep your employees and customers safe while patronizing your business. There are many reputable companies out there that can supply you with high-quality counter shields.