The Way Your Garden can Look Perfect Now

Where to start? Undertake the landscaping work yourself or call in professionals? What are the different elements and steps to take into account? Here you will find tips that will answer your questions.

Define your objectives in relation to your layout

Depending on your lifestyle and your family situation, your planning needs will be unique. You have to take into consideration the use you will make of it, and define your objectives accordingly. Think about the practical side of your layout and your lifestyle. During the development stages of a landscaping plan, we often focus on the aesthetic side, forgetting that it is also a living space that must be designed in a practical way. Ask yourself the right questions:

  • Do i need a space to cook?
  • What items should be near the house?
  • How many people should my terrace be able to accommodate?
  • Do I want to be able to enjoy the evenings by a fireplace?
  • Do I want part of my pool to be shaded?

Backyard landscaping with pool and spa

You also have to think about the maintenance of the grounds. Are you going to maintain it yourself or delegate this task to a professional? If you decide to take care of the grounds maintenance, are you equipped for? Do you have the time and resources? These are questions you should ask yourself before embarking on any landscaping project.

Find inspiration to design your ideal yard

We all have, in our imagination, a Garden of Eden. Whether you saw it during a trip, in a magazine or at a neighbor’s, there is no shortage of sources of inspiration. Thanks to the web, the sources of inspiring images are limitless. Sites such as Pinterest are very popular when it comes to decoration, interior or exterior design. There are also specialized magazines that provide examples adapted to the climate of the country. Make use of the épandeur pour le compost Ecolawn to turn it perfect.

Even if you have to take into account the budget and the constraints of the field, as we will see later, do not bother yourself from the start. Think big. Imagine a space of your own, synonymous with relaxation and beauty.

Create an image board that brings together all your ideas and inspirations. This table will help you choose your materials and plants or allow the landscape architect to have a precise idea of ​​the atmosphere you want to create.

Take into account that a garden which is an extension of the house

The continuity between the interior and the exterior should not be neglected when drawing up the development plan. If your home is very contemporary, but you want an English garden with old country fences, there is going to be a concern for visual dissonance.

Take into consideration the characteristics of the land: type of soil, drainage and sunshine

Before developing a plan, consider the nature of the terrain. No two development projects are the same because no two sites are alike. The quality of the soil must be analyzed: are it clayey, sandy, what will be its resistance to heavy structures and what type of plants will feel the best there? What is the level of sunshine on the ground? Which parts are shaded? Also consider drainage, without which you could have problems with water and moisture buildup.