Information that must be incorporated while filing the LLC Articles of Organization

The Articles of Organization denotes the document that does help in establishing the presence of a corporation among the public. Filing the articles of organization is one of the major steps involved in forming a corporation in New York and it does include a filing fee too. This document does showcase every other required detail regarding the company, starting from the incorporators, the board of directors, the entire purpose of the submitted LLC, valid signatures, and the business contact information.

What are the types of information the Articles of Organization must entail?

While submitting the Articles of Organization, it should hold onto the

  • LLC’s address and name
  • A short description of the offered products and services should be included. Such a description part does play a major role in terms of rightly establishing an LLC in NY
  • Work with a reputed business filing agency to fix the exact business operations’ starting date. The formation date is derived based upon the exact date in which your filing has been accepted by the state
  • The agent or entity should present their in-state address to further receive mails that are sent in the name of your company

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