How to Maximize The Efficiency of the HDD Method?

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a process of allowing for cost-effective and timely installation of utility lines through the use of drills that can bore underground and underneath roadways and waterways with ease.

There are many ways to increase efficiency in this regard, as follows:

Clear The Area Of Debris

Before the drilling work can begin, the hdd contractor must ensure that all debris within an area of 500 feet around the exit points of the borehole is removed. This includes man-made obstructions, environmental obstructions, and anything else that might hinder the process. This seemingly small task goes a long way in making sure everything goes smoothly.

Know What’s Below The Surface

Knowing what type of soil and rock is below the surface will allow you to ensure that you’re using the correct drill bits. Using incorrect drill bits can lead to costly repairs, delays in the project, and even early equipment failure. A geologist or other knowledgeable person about underground conditions can be a big help with this part.

Be Aware Of Nearby Utilities

Utility lines from the power, telephone, cable, and gas companies may be running through an area where you will be doing a horizontal directional drill. You can avoid disrupting their lines by knowing exactly where they are located in the ground. This can be achieved by calling the companies to get the necessary information.

Minimize Traffic Disturbances

Everyone must know where equipment, supplies, and other items are at all times during the work period. This is especially true for equipment like trucks and bulldozers, which can cause traffic disruptions around the area.

The Path Must-Have High-Quality References

The HDD drill rig has a number of sensors that help it determine where it is at all times in relation to its path. Soil density and the presence of mineral concentrations can affect these sensors as well as the path itself if there is any sort of curvature to it as the drill head moves along. The more accurate and uniform these references are throughout, the easier it will be for workers to create a highly efficient path.

Use The Right Equipment And Tools

Ensuring that you have all necessary equipment, tools, and supplies ready before the project even begins will go a long way in increasing productivity. Having to stop mid-project to restock on any of these things leads to a loss of time and money, so make sure you have a plan in place before beginning.

Be Cautious About Weather Conditions During The Installation Process

It is important to avoid wet soil conditions whenever possible. Water in the ground can cause the borehole to become unstable and larger than planned, which will result in higher costs.

Workers Must Be Highly Trained

Before an HDD operation can begin, there has to be a highly trained team of workers, including a reliable  hdd contractor, who understand exactly how everything is going to work.

The intricacies involved in aligning the drill head with specific angles and exact positions at various depths within the Earth’s surface can only come from workers with experience and extensive training with the horizontal directional drilling method.