How to get a domain for your startup?

Launching a new start-up? Leaving your job, and turning your side hustle into a main income? In both cases, you will need strong marketing to back the sales drive to your startup. Undoubtedly, branding is the best form of marketing, and to pick a good domain name, is half the branding. The article tells you about getting the best domain name for your startup, read thoroughly for maximized effects.

Keep it short

When you are brainstorming for a domain name, you should keep in mind to make the domain name as short as possible, do the same with your company name.

You should not keep your domain name long because that might have a strain on your clients’ memory and they might actually forget what was the domain name and land on an altogether different page, leaving them irritated.

Instead of a long name, a short name creates an impression on the listeners’ minds and stays in the memory for a longer time. Short domain names are more brandable and SEO friendly when compared to long domain names. Therefore, it’s always advised to go for a short domain name.

Be memorable, positive, and intuitive

When you are thinking extensively for a new domain name, you should remember the three pillars on which a good domain name towers – positivity, intuitiveness, and memorability. A good domain name has all three.

Positivity: Your domain name should not contain negative keywords or words, your domain name should always be filled with positive words that sound like everything is possible for your startup.

Intuitiveness: The perfect domain name for your startup should clearly reflect your organization’s goals and plans to execute things. The best startup for your domain name will represent your intent in itself, telling the customers about what you do and what you don’t do.

Memorability: The last, but not the least pillar is – being memorable. You wouldn’t like if your clients/potential clients forget your domain name and never reach your website, or reach after some difficulty. So to have a good impression on your customers’ minds, you need to create a name that they can relate to, or is short and can be remembered easily.

Research properly.

After brainstorming a few good domain names, that are strong contenders, you should research extensively about their availability and impact.

You need to be 100% sure that your domain name contender is not registered with the USPTO’s trademark list. Once you have checked all the websites that provide the information of to whom the domain name’s trademarked, you can be sure about which domain name to choose.

Also, after checking for authenticity, you need to be sure enough about your domain name’s impact. Don’t compromise with a less-impactful domain name because of its availability.

What if your domain name is taken?

It’s the scenario with the highest probability. Most of the time, the domain name that we are most excited about is not available. And then, we are left with no choice and select a different name, but that’s the last step in the process, let’s see what can we do to get that registered domain name of our choice:

  • Add small words or articles

The domain name that you thought about is taken, but a domain name similar to your possible domain name might not be trademarked. Try adding articles like an, a, or the at the start of your domain names. This little trick will technically change the domain name, giving you another chance to find an authentic domain name. If adding articles to the front doesn’t help, you can always add descriptive words like best, the best, one and only, etc. according to your domain name.

  • Look for other domain extensions:

The domain name that you want is under a trademark? Yes, it is. But the same name doesn’t need to be booked with all the different extensions available online. Your choice of a domain name might be booked with the extension .com or .org, but you can always work with extensions like .aus,, .in, and many other domain names available online.

  • Get to know the owner

If all the options have failed you, and the domain name that you want really bad is not at all available, you have one last bullet to fire. You can go on to the site that has the domain name of your dreams, and you can always contact the owner from the ‘Contact Us’ section. Chances are that the owner has forgotten all about the website, or is looking for a buyer, or the site doesn’t really mean anything to him. In all the scenarios, you can buy the domain name from the owner at an incredibly low price and get going with the perfect domain name.

How do I acquire domain names?

Searching for the availability of domain names and brainstorming for them is one thing and actually acquiring them is another. You should regularly visit online auction sites that showcase domains for sale and get to know the gravity of domain names and their worth. Before selecting and buying the domain name, you need to know the domain name market inside out, who knows you might get a very good domain name at an incredibly low price?

Apart from finding the domain name for your site, you can always buy other domain names and flip them for a higher price and make money.

That’s it, folks…!! It was our take on How to get a domain for your startup, hope it was entertaining and informative. Now don’t wait too much because good domains sell quickly. Go and get that domain name, now…!!