Choosing the right crane for your project

Hiring a crane for the first time? Where do you start? If you’re new to crane hire it can be daunting – especially when you’re not familiar with the specifications of different cranes. To help, here’s a handy guide to give you an insight into the different types of cranes available along with their unique benefits and uses.

City cranes

Due to their compact size, city cranes are ideal for use in built-up areas where space is limited. With a short chassis, 2-axle design and independent steering, a city crane only requires one cab for transportation and operation and is often used for small industrial operations to speed up the lifting process.

Heavy-duty cranes

When it comes to lifting heavy loads in arduous conditions, you can’t go wrong with a heavy-duty crane. Built to be robust and reliable, they use axles and hydraulic power to lift loads up to 500 tonnes without sacrificing safety. Hiring a heavy-duty crane will enable you to speed up your project, lifting more materials at once to meet deadlines sooner.

Mobile cranes

Great for projects where space is at a premium. Mobile cranes are extremely mobile and give you the flexibility to set up in confined areas – be it narrow streets or built up city environments where there are various obstructions. They are also quick to assemble in remote locations – making them ideal for building maintenance, construction of high-rise building and pipelines.

Self-erecting tower cranes

In bustling cities, self-erecting tower cranes dominate the skyline. The base, tower and slewing unit work in tandem to ensure stability – balancing weight and counter-weight. Tower cranes have a smaller footprint and are specially designed to lift heavy loads safely, making them an excellent choice for large-scale city centre projects.

Mobile tower cranes

Combining the mobility of a telescopic crane and a conventional static tower crane, a mobile tower crane could be the perfect solution for your upcoming construction project. Mobile tower cranes offer great mobility, flexibility and reach, and can be set up in as little as 30 minutes. Mobile tower crane hire is recommended for projects in the city where roads are narrow as they can fit on smaller areas and offer a 360° overview– allowing the operator to see the load throughout the entire lift process.

Still unsure? Contact Bryn Thomas Cranes

Bryn Thomas Cranes are experts in crane hire and can guide and advise you in making the right choice.

Once you’ve established which crane best suits your project, you’ll need to arrange qualified personnel, including an operator, signaller and supervisor, to carry out the lifting. Alternatively, crane hire providers, Bryn Thomas Cranes, can arrange a contract lift where they take care of everything from supplying a suitable crane  to planning and executing the lift. 

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