Best Quality Factory/Supplier Audit for Lowest Prices

The professional auditing company that undertakes comprehensive auditing of factories, suppliers, traders, agencies, brokers etc, normally conducts Complete Factory Audit, Laboratory Testing, In-Process Inspection, First Article Inspection, Container Loading Checks, Manufacturing Process Supervision and Defect Sorting Inspection. They offer Laboratory Testing Services and for that they conduct specific range of tests for different industries such as Electronics, Food and Pharmaceuticals, Textiles and Garments, Children’s Toys, Ecology Testing and Physical Properties Testing. The most reliable auditing company will follow really tight AQL Standards so that even minor defects in the manufacturing process or Quality Control or Packaging or Shipping will be promptly detected and rectified.

 In case of Eco Environmental Testing, they offer a wide range of tests that includes Allergic Disperse Dyes test, Organotin test, Chromium and Heavy Metals test, Azo Dyes test, Formaldehyde test, PCP (Penta Chloro Phenol) test and Ozone depleting substances test. When they conduct the audit of a factory that produces tots for children they conduct Toxicity test, Mechanical Function test, Safety Test, Durability test, Packaging Toxicity test, Flammability test and Presence of Heavy Metals test. During the Inspection of a Laboratory they carry out a range of Physical Properties tests that includes Ash Content Brittleness test, Water Absorption and Transmission test, Deformation Under Load test, Specific Gravity test, Hardness test, Impact, Tensile and Shear Strength test and Melting Point test.

Budget-friendly audit service

Many companies in China and Asia rely on KRT Auditing of factories, suppliers and laboratories prior to start procuring products or materials from a particular manufacturer or supplier. This company undertakes CFA (Complete Factory Audits) in order to confirm the ownership of a manufacturing company or a supplier company. They conduct the audit and submit the comprehensive audit report very quickly and for very low service charges. During the factory audit this auditing firm gather data about the management of the supplier company, check the legal status and financial status of the company, go through their bank accounts and also assess the factory size and production capacity and also inspect the machinery and materials used by the manufacturer. They also check the social compliance factors of the manufacturing company, their testing equipments, quality control methods, packing facility and their certifications. The auditing company conducts Complete Factory Audits when their client asks for a comprehensive, in-depth appraisal of an existing or prospective manufacturer. In case the client has very limited budget for supplier audit, this auditing company will offer them Basic Factory Audit service which is indeed a very economical option.

Tight Standards for inspection

The corporation that offers the KRT Auditing services is based in the US and they have offices in China, Hongkong, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and North America. This auditing company is providing their services to clients in 70 different countries in the world. The company has employed not less than 575 professional inspectors, factory auditors and support personnel. Those who hire the service of this auditing company outside North America can make their payments by T/T bank wire transfer or credit card or through Pay Pal. This auditing firm uses the Inspection standards or AQL Standards recommended by ISO, ANSI and ASQ. The company will accept orders from clients  just 1 – 2 days in advance. They follow very tight AQL standards to ensure that major and minor defects in the manufacturing process or packaging or shipping should not go unnoticed.