A Comprehensive Guide to IR8A

Form IR8A is necessary for compliance with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) to document employee revenue. All employers employed in the country are needed to deliver Form IR8A and its relevant documents to IRAS by March 1 of each year.

It must be completed for each of the employees of the particular company, to inform IRAS of the employees’ earnings. Some other documents supporting form IR8A are Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B, or Form IR8A, If applicable.

What IR8A forms require to be submitted?

– An IR8A must be submitted to all the employees in the company.

– A part-time resident employee

– A full-time resident employee

– All resident company directors

– All non-resident employees

– All those workers who are working for the company while getting their pension.

– All board members get Committee member fees or board member fees.

– All those workers who have left the company but are owned income from the back year. employment pass singapore

Some of the exclusions are –

– Foreign employees who are based overseas and provide their employment duties completely outside Singapore for the complete calendar year.

– Foreign employees who have been posted overseas after clearance who do not have an employment pass Singapore or don’t even provide employee service for the remainder of the calendar year in Singapore.

– All those foreigners who have left the country or the company. In this case, a Form IR21 requires to be delivered to IRAS.

There are some related forms as well that may need to be submitted to IRAS. It greatly depends upon the individual’s employee solution. Have further doubts? Clear all at

Appendix 8A-

It must be submitted for any work that was provided benefits in kinds such as many none cash perks or fringe benefits. Examples may include, a few dental cares, a free car park, or a free gym membership.

If the benefits are exempt from income tax or consented to an administrative concession, then they do not require being included in Appendix 8A.

Appendix 8B-

If the employee obtained profits or gains from ESOP( Employee stock option) or any other forms of ESOW( Employee share ownership), then appendix 8A must be completed.

Any employee registered with ESOW or ESOP plans, they are allowed to buy shares of their own company, in which they are being employed. All profits and gains from these shares will be taxed thus.

Appendix 8S-

Appendix 8S must be fulfilled if an extra CPF contribution has been made by the employer to the employee.

How will I be able to retrieve my IR8A from Singapore?

For this, firstly you have to log in to with your Sing Pass. Then, comes the process of selecting an account. Now click on view account summary, click on view details. Then, you have to scroll the account statement, download it.

Now you must be thinking, is IR8A compulsory? So, the answer is yes, IR8A is a mandate. All workers in Singapore must formulate income information for their employees by accepting IR8A and favoring forms, IR8S, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B for every employee, per year.

How do I submit my IR8A through the online system?

You can either submit it through your payroll software, my Tax portal or via hardcopy.