A Comprehensive Guide On High-quality Chemical Reagents

A good many chemical reagents are used to study molecular behavior at different levels. Since the accuracy depends upon the sharpness of these reagents, they need to be high-quality products that can enhance visualization. The guide we have complied today will make a mention of some such reagents at IVM biotech that are highly accurate and non-toxic.

  1. PCR Applications

These are basically DNA markers and RNA markers that are used to study cellular behaviour during electrophoresis. Some of the purest IVM Biotech dna ladders include the following.

  • DNA Ladders (1000bp) and Fluorescent DNA Ladders (1000bp) – These markers are used to brighten up DNA bands. Besides, they are made as such that they can be directly bonded with agarose gels.

Other than these DNA markers, there are a few staining dyes, mentioned below, that you should be aware of.

  1. Safe Fluorescent RNA Loading Dye (6X) – This staining dye is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is thus one of the best replacements for Ethidium bromide that’s otherwise used for staining nucleic acids despite it is Toxic.

Features to Consider:

  • When studied under blue light, this staining dye can detect 60 ng DNA and RNA.
  • When studied under UV light, this staining dye can detect 1-2 ng DNA
  • Since there’s no Ethidium Bromide, this one doesn’t lead to cell fragmentation or mutation of the nucleic acid under study.

A few other ready-to-use staining dyes that are high in purity and can be purchased at IVM biotech are listed below.

  • Safe fluorescent gel staining gel (30,000X)
  • 10 mM DNTPs mix
  • Taq DNA Polymerase
  • 2X PCR master mix
  • Biosafe Zapping Solution
  • DNA Precipitation Solution (2X)
  • RNA Precipitation Solution (2X)
  • Protein Precipitation Solution (2X)

A few other chemical reagents and applications that are quite useful in molecular study are listed below.

  1. Isolation and Extraction Kits

These are used for the following purposes.

  • The isolation kits are used to isolate targeted molecules from a cell for detailed study. The molecules could be anything – protein, nuclei, lysosome, etc.
  • The extraction kits are used to remove the molecules of staining gels and dyes from the cells they were inserted into in the first place.

The best ones that can be purchased at IVM Biotech include the following.

  • Lysosome and nuclei isolation kit.
  • Protein extraction kit for mitochondrial protein.
  • Protein extraction kit for membrane protein.
  • Protein extraction kit for nuclear protein.