What Are Oscillators Used For?

There are numerous reasons why you may consider acquiring a quartz crystal oscillator. These devices can be used in a variety of projects and systems and employed within a number of different fields.

The experts at Euroquartz have been supplying and manufacturing oscillators and similar products for the defence industry, medical industry, aerospace industry, telecoms industry and electronic engineering industry for more than 60 years.

Here, we’ll explain a number of the uses of oscillators.

Independent Power Sources

 One of the chief components of an oscillator is a magnetised quartz crystal, which produces its own electromagnetic field that can be used to power the device to which it is attached.

For this reason, oscillators can provide an extremely useful power source in locations where it is vital for equipment to be able to run consistently without being solely dependent on main power, such as a hospital.

Timekeeping Devices

 Many people will have heard of – and probably owned – quartz watches. Because magnetised quartz vibrates a precise number of times per second without fail, quartz oscillators can be relied upon to keep time accurately without having to be recalibrated.

Communication Devices

 Oscillators can also be used to generate a signal from almost anywhere, without having to be connected to a specific network.

This is why products of this kind are particularly popular in radio construction – and in the aerospace and military industries.


The vibration of various oscillators produce a waveform that can be used to produce sound. This is another reason for their use in radio communication devices – but it’s also made them popular in the music industry.

Electronic devices such as synthesizers can produce a huge spectrum of different noises through the application of different types of oscillator, without the input of any acoustic instruments whatsoever.

The variety of sound results from the speed and manner in which each oscillator vibrates, so there is almost no end to the range of possible options.

Different sizes and types of crystal oscillate at different speeds and produce different levels of power. For that reason, one crystal may be deemed to be a good fit for one device but not necessarily for another.

At Euroquartz, we are capable of not only supplying the perfect crystals and crystal oscillators for our clients’ needs, but also of manufacturing the perfect pieces of equipment for any type of deployment.

We have a range of products available to browse, allowing you to select the perfect items for your project. If you are unable to find what you need, our team can discuss your requirements with you and build equipment based on your precise specifications.

You can also consult our handy technical notes for help in the application and use of our oscillators and their components.

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