What are Different Types of Office Chairs and Their Usages?

There are numerous types of office chairs such as big and tall chairs, executive chairs, conference chairs, guest chairs, ergonomic chairs, kneeling ergonomic chairs, stacking chairs, petite chairs, task chairs, stools etc. Besides these popular types of office chairs, you may also find other designs of office chairs which may be available in versatile furniture stores such as 123ink.ca. But these chairs were not used by the people who worked in the offices before the industrial revolution. They either used simple stools or typically the Windsor chairs.

Office chairs in the contemporary period come with almost similar or common types of seating and featuring padded chair, padded seat, roll and swivel, and often height-adjustable and are usually called interchangeably computer chair and desk chair. The office chairs are mostly used in the offices or for work and are found mostly found in the corporate sectors. In addition to this, as computers were used universally by everybody, you can find office chairs or computer chairs almost in every house using for computing.

Ultimately, computing requires a specific chair i.e. the office or computer chair which gives the comforts and ease of working in the computer. On the other hand, if you use a dining chair or a straight-backed kitchen chair you will have back pain and other health complications. Therefore, the office or computer chair is the only option for computing whether at your workplace or at home.

Starting with the big and tall chair in order to know briefly about the office chairs, the big and tall chairs can be easily distinguished by their larger physical sizes and fashioned with studier and extra-thick materials. Similarly, the conference chairs, like their name, used mostly in the conferences and meetings, and are relatively meant for sitting for a maximum of three to four hours per meeting or conference. Therefore, they are comparatively cheaper than the office or computer chairs.

The executive chairs are the most expensive chairs that are used in the offices. The executive chairs come with special features, better padding for maximum comforts, and almost all of them come with ergonomic features. You can also find several varieties of executive chairs with different features such as big and tall, and petite sizes etc. Most executive chairs come with features such as wheels and swivel, big backs, padded arms, ergonomic support etc. Most executive chairs have either fabric or leather materials, and some executive chairs come with recline function and message heads.