Mouse Toggle for Fire TV

Have you ever heard about any other gadget which plays the role of a Mouse? I mean “Computer Mouse”? Well, when it comes to me, Obviously No. What I’m going to tell you today is about a computer application which plays the same role as a computer mouse. Its name is “Mouse Toggle.” Mouse Toggle is a way more efficient and extremely beneficial, and easy computer application that helps you to cover the task of a mouse. This little app helps to navigate apps that are not compatible with Fire TV. Generally speaking, most of the apps you want to download to your Fire TV do not support the Fire TV remote control. 

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Details and features of Mouse Toggle for Fire TV

  • This app makes you use third party applications on Fire TV which aren’t compatible and supported to the original Fire TV Remote.
  • Mouse Toggle plays the same exact role as a common computer mouse. Thus you can easily perform the common tasks of a mouse using this little application.
  • This app is a light weighted computer app. This would never slow down or decrease your device performance even when the app runs in the background.
  • This Mouse Toggle App supports and is compatible with the Fire TV Line.
  • Mouse Toggle is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to work with. Since it is a very user friendly application, you can easily work with the app.
  • This app can be used as an alternative for the apps that do not support Fire TV remote control. You can also use this for apps that are compatible with remote controls.

How to install Mouse Toggle on Fire TV?

  1. Before everything else, you should download a Side Loader App.
  2. The Downloader is the one I recommend. This is very effective when it comes to sideloading.
  3. After installing the Downloader app, navigate it to Fire TV settings from the home screen and open it on the next screen.
  4. Then, open Developer Options. After that, click Install Unknown Apps (Make sure that the ADB Debugging is already turned on).
  5. Now open the Downloader App you first installed.
  6. Enter mouse toggle TV download link.
  7. Then click Go after entering the URL.
  8. Allow the Downloader App to download the Mouse Toggle Computer Application. It will require a couple of minutes to complete the downloading process.

      10.Now give, Install.


If not, you can use Filelinked to install your favorite Android TV app or game. It is the easiest and best way to sideload apps and games. Just like AC Market for Android phones and tablets.


Mouse Toggle is the easiest way to work with a big screen without a mouse. All you need is a Big Screen like Fire TV or Fire Stick TV and an original remote controller. So, you now have the chance to toggle between modes. Voila! Enjoy!