Know the Coverage and Benefits of Domestic Travel Insurance

When it comes to buying a travel insurance plan, people assume that they only need it when flying abroad. However, it is equally important to get your trip insured even if you’re travelling within India. It is advisable to purchase a domestic travel insurance policy so that you are able to experience a safe and tension-free journey.

Now, let us look into the various advantages of having a domestic travel insurance:

  1. Personal accident cover

Unforeseen events can occur anytime and absolutely anywhere. You wouldn’t want something like this to ruin your trip. A travel insurance policy will protect you in such instances. Also, accidents leading to disability or death are covered under such plans.

  1. Liability caused to a third-party

In case you cause damage to another person or their property during your trip, you would be liable to pay for the damages caused. A travel insurance policy will compensate you for any such liabilities.

  1. Baggage loss/theft

Your luggage could consist of precious and expensive items that you cannot afford to lose. Moreover, managing a trip without important luggage could prove to be difficult. Fortunately, a domestic travel insurance policy will compensate you for damages caused due to baggage loss/theft.

  1. Delays

Your insurance policy will cover you in case of flight delays.

  1. Provides you with emergency cash

In case you require cash urgently, your travel insurance company will provide you with the same.


  1. Hospital bills

The last thing you would want on your trip is to fall sick. It can not only spoil your entire trip but also finish off your savings. The biggest benefit of a domestic travel insurance policy is that it offers coverage for medical expenses incurred on a trip.

An important point to note would be that only people from a certain age group are eligible for domestic travel insurance and only if their mode of transport is railway, roadway, or airway. Your insurance cover also depends on where you’re headed. It is your duty to inform the insurance provider about the duration of your journey, your current medical condition, and any other important detail. For the elderly, you should consider opting for travel insurance for senior citizens.

What is excluded from the plan?

It is imperative to know the exclusions of your domestic travel insurance plan so that you don’t face problems while raising a claim. Some common exclusions include:

  • Accidents caused due to alcohol/drug consumption, etc.
  • Non-medical expenditure
  • Involvement in illegal acts
  • Disobeying the doctor’s advice and travelling
  • Injuries caused as a result of self-harm
  • Injuries caused due to adventure sports

Today, it is possible to purchase a travel insurance plan online. You don’t even have to be tech-savvy to do this. All you require is a smartphone or laptop with an active internet connection and you can simply visit the insurer’s website and follow the necessary steps in order to buy an insurance plan. Purchasing insurance online is preferable because you can select the type of plan you want. If you’re planning to go on a vacation, you can opt for a family travel insurance, individual travel plan or choose from any of the other options. Above all, do not forget to compare multiple policies online before selecting the ideal travel insurance plan.