How to Select the Best Cloth Face Mask for You?

Ever since COVID-19 started spreading all over the world, the demand for face masks has been on the rise. Any kind of mask will be considered the best than having no face mask at all. This can prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Therefore, now you can see everyone are either wearing face mask or engaged in selling face masks. Right from fashion designers to textile experts to scientists and also infectious disease specialists, are putting their effort to design new style of face mask, so that it can prevent person-to-person transmission of the virus. 

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Usually, we prefer a mask that fits like proverbial glove and can trap all kinds of incoming and also outgoing viruses. At the same time, you must be able to gulp-in some fresh air and get the feeling as if there is no face mask.

However, that kind of mask unfortunately does not exist. While shopping for any cloth face mask, you need to exercise a number of compromises. The better your mask can block respiratory droplets, harder it will be to breathe through. 

The opposite is also true, the easier you can breathe through your mask, the less protective it will be. Any best non-medical mask may align closely as per your face curve, can cover your mouth and nose and you may feel comfortable enough to use it without any fuss.

Here, we shall touch upon few cloth face masks that can help you to protect you and also that may suit your different needs, and also lead to better protection from present day situation.

What to consider while buying cloth face mask

While buying any cloth face mask, you will prefer that the mask must go over the nostrils and also your mouth in a way that it will not slip off easily. Often you may like to maximize your protection and select something more substantial, like when you cough the droplets will not go out.

Following are few considerations that you can focus on:

  • Mask should create a protective seal

Make sure that the mask you select covers your mouth and nose properly and should insulate the virus present outside in the air.

  • It should fit properly on your face

Choose a mask that is of right fit according to the size and type of your face that may vary from person to person.

  • Check for any adjustable fastener

Make sure that you can secure the mask properly, so that it will not become loose after some time and you need to readjust it again.

  • Comfortable for breathing

You must be able to breathe very close to normal, so that you do not feel too uncomfortable while wearing the face mask. 

  • There must be multiple layer

Also, your face mask should not have a single layer, but multiple layers, so that it can resist any droplet that are present in the air.