How to choose the best custom printed packaging boxes for your brand?


Have you started the new business that needs lot of shipment work? What type of products that you’re storing in the box? How much packing is required to protect your goods? 

The carton boxes come in standard sizes (length X width X depth) and most industry use this as guideline to prepare the standard-sized boxes. But often not all products can fit into this size; you can find it either too clumsy or large enough to store your product. You may also need to advertise your brand label on the boxes to attract crowd. That why, you may have to opt for custom printed boxes, not only to advertise your brand in an effective way, but also to offer your customers a great experience. 


Keeping the size of the product in mind, you will have to choose the size of the boxes as well. It’s vital that your goods fit in correctly so that it doesn’t get damaged during the transportation phase


The material of the box constructed should be sturdy; you don’t want the carton to break or tear down in middle of the journey. This is yet another reason why you need to choose custom boxes, as you get to pick the material as well. Boxes are made from a range of materials, such as sulphate, recycled fiber, etc. Choose the best quality material that’s said to be good and sturdy to transport any fragile products. 

Printing options

Printing on the box should be done in a way that it attracts the consumer towards your brand. For example, if you are selling to consumers, who are kids then bright pictures or cartoons can be used on the packaging.  


This is yet another aspect to keep in mind; a fun shape can pull potential consumers towards your brand. For example, toy car can be fitted in the box, which is shaped like car. Keep the shipping in mind while deciding shape, as you do not need it to accumulate all space. 

Last, but not the lease, do not forget to include your company name or logo and contact details, website link on the packaging. 

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