Domain Names: What They Are and How to Buy Them

Don’t let technical jargon put you off starting a website for your business or getting a more professional domain for your blog. Here’s a simple look at what domains are and how to purchase them.

What Is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a home address for your blog or website. The cheap Indian .in domain registration helps to building an online presence at best price and start of your online website journey. It’s the URL someone enters into the web browser to navigate to your site. This URL address name will be unique to that website. The name is often a reflection of the brand name. Such as for Google, but it also means there’s a lot of demand for popular words, brands and phrases.

Some free developer sites like WordPress or Wix allow for users to get a free address, but it’ll be with an extension that refers to that site. Some users choose to pay a registrar for a unique domain address name that relates to their blog or brand, doing away with any mention of WordPress or whatever service they’re using in the address. This potentially makes the URL both more professional and more memorable.

How Do You Buy a Website Address?

Domain registrars, such as, are providers of domain names. You’ll be able to enter your desired name on the website and see whether it’s available. If not, suggestions will be displayed for other options or you can develop your own creative alternative. Some providers also offer website hosting, so you could streamline the process by getting both products from a single supplier.

You’ll also need to choose the end of the address, known as the top level domain (TLD). Some are more general, like .com, .org or .net, while others are country-specific, like for the UK or .IE for Ireland, the latter of which has seen a record increase in registrations in 2020.

The Different Types of Domain Providers

Registrars offer different prices, plans and packages. Prices will also vary depending on how popular the word you wish you include in the name is. Typically, a domain is purchased for 12 months, but this can be for longer, sometimes at a small discount. Each year you can renew automatically or manually to keep ownership of the domain or transfer to another provider if desired. Ensure you choose a trusted provider who can guarantee your site’s information is safe and secure.