Build Your Loyal Customer Base With Marketing Automation

One of the winning internet marketing strategies is to start building a loyal customer base as early as possible. To do that you will need automated marketing tools. For example when you own a Shopify website that sells fashion and related items, you would need a marketing tool that can integrate your shopping cart abandonment with automated emails. One such marketing automation tool is the Kraviyo Shopify app.

Let us reveal an example of a hotel chain with 20 hotels in the country. The hotel chain is a rather popular brand locally. It has a website that receives large amount of traffic (i.e. visitors) every day. The visitors would sign up to their newsletter (so they will receive information about promotion hotel prices in the off peak seasons). Regularly the marketers would create and schedule email messages (or campaigns), and the emails would be sent to the leads (or contacts) in the mailing list of contacts. The current problem is that some of the contacts receiving the promotion messages would convert (i.e. make hotel bookings). In the email marketing campaigns, there are many steps. In the entire marketing funnel, there are even more stages. But the marketing team would have no idea which parts of the purchase process the customers are at, or whether they are qualified leads to begin with.

When you implement marketing automation into your sales funnel (or purchase process), you have a solution to help your leads moving forward in the purchase process. The marketing automation tool (such as Kraviyo that is mentioned previously) can show you clearly the position of the leads in the marketing funnel, and what are the next steps ahead of those leads. With automation, it allows you to segment your leads depending at which point a specific lead is in the purchase journey. The features (in the automation tool) would direct each of the leads through the path towards a purchase decision by following the automated campaigns (with rules) that you have created.

With the hotel chain, when a lead has made a reservation (or booking) of a particular hotel but has not paid yet, this lead should be sent a personalized triggered message to remind this person about competing the purchase. When a lead has subscribed to the newsletter, the hotel marketer may introduce the hotel rooms and complementary services to this prospect customer. When a visitor lands on a specific hotel page on your website but has idled for an excessive time period without performing any action (i.e. click a link or button), a message should be sent to this user.

At the end of the day, the more loyal users (or customers) you have, the easier your internet marketing will become. On social media platforms, people will like, share and purchase your products or services when you interact with them constantly. Those customers who have followed your Facebook page would be the ones who are likely to reshare your content or products to other friends. When this starts to happen regularly and consistently, you will be able to keep growing your business.