7 Tips for social sales reps to build an engaged following

Social media has become an indispensable sales channel for modern businesses. According to a recent study, social selling generates 45% more sales opportunities than traditional cold calling. For sales reps, leveraging social media effectively is now a crucial skill to master. Building an engaged following on social platforms amplifies a sales rep’s influence and ability to drive results. It establishes you as an industry thought leader while expanding your lead generation and conversion opportunities.

1. Choose the right platforms

With so many social media options, focusing your efforts on the right platforms is key. As a sales rep, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook should likely be your top networks.

  • LinkedIn is ideal for connecting with professionals and B2B leads. Build an optimized salesperson profile highlighting your expertise. Engage in niche Linkedin Pulse article on SocialSaleRep Groups to position yourself as a thought leader.
  • Twitter’s news and real-time vibe make it great for sharing relevant content and commentary. Use relevant hashtags and handles to join larger conversations.
  • Facebook Groups let you build community and showcase “behind the scenes” content to humanize your brand.

2. Create an expert social bio

Your social bio is prime real estate to highlight your brand. Include a professional headshot and headline showcasing your value. Share credentials, achievements, and what makes you an expert. Add links to your website, blog, and other channels. Your bio should inspire visitors to connect and follow you.

3. Provide value, not pitch

The key to engaging social media followers is sharing high-value content consistently. As a sales rep, avoid overtly pushing your product. Instead, share useful insights, how-to’s, trends, and tips that an audience would find educational. Become a helpful resource and community partner first. Sales will naturally follow.

4. Leverage visual storytelling

Visual content gets higher engagement on social media. Share visually appealing images, infographics, charts, videos, live streams, and more. Ensure content is professionally designed. Visuals that grab attention and tell a story will connect better with your audience.

5. Monitor conversations and trends

Stay on top of your industry’s social media pulse daily. Set up alerts and notifications. Monitor relevant hashtags and handles. This allows you to identify prospects, join important conversations, and react to trends in real-time. Being responsive shows you are listening and attentive.

6. Engage followers with questions

Power social engagement by asking smart questions that prompt discussion. Ask for feedback on content. Poll followers for opinions. Pose hypothetical scenarios or dilemmas. This sparks two-way dialogue beyond passive consumption. People enjoy expressing themselves. Questions drive more comments and shares.

7. Show personality and humor

Social media thrives when people get a peek behind the professional facade. Don’t be afraid to showcase your personality. Share funny memes, gifs, and anecdotes when appropriate. Respond to followers conversationally, not formally. The more human and relatable your brand, the stronger your following.

By consistently applying these tips, you will see your social media following and engagement grow. A vibrant online community amplifies all aspects of a sales rep’s performance. According to LinkedIn, social sellers with over 5,000 social connections achieve 45% more sales than counterparts with under 500 connections.