4 Commercial Pest Management Tips For Food Facilities

It’s a common misconception for many to assume that pests only strike at a particular season. Anytime is the right time for pests to swarm and infest your personal space, be it inside your home or workplace. Hence opting for residential or commercial pest control services should be among the top priority.

Pests are more than just a nuisance because they can affect your health. Rodents and cockroaches are active year-round. Both carry harmful diseases and can transmit them via bites, faeces and urine. If you are a food facility owner or manager, your environment is at high risk for such infestation. Since pests can easily contaminate food, here are a few tips to follow for effective food facility pest control:

1. Perform regular inspections

Before you decide to opt for cockroaches or even mould removal in Singapore, regular inspections are a must. One simple step you can consider doing right away is to survey and monitor for infestation signs. Have a scheduled and routine inspection inside and outside the facility for nests, faeces and urine, especially from rodents. Include the kitchen, bathroom, and items if they are free of pests.

2. Conduct facility maintenance

Conducting regular facility maintenance can also be an effective pest management solution. Many pests, such as cockroaches, are attracted to moisture. If your facility is experiencing several leaks, it may provide an ideal environment for roaches to breed and infest. Tiny crawl spaces can provide an extra entry point where many insects and rats can slip through these crevices and hide. Conducting regular maintenance can patch up these problems.

3. Eliminate the potential food source

Perhaps arguably the top factor that attracts pests is the smell of food. Every known pest is after food and shelter. Routine cleaning and discarding any uncovered, spoiled or expired food can prevent infestation inside your food facility. All usable food must be kept in proper storage and refrigeration. Avoid leaving food uncovered and unstored since it will potentially attract pests.

4. Consider hiring a professional pest control firm

Hiring for a rodent, cockroach or termite control in Singapore will help ensure that your facility is free from any pests in the long run. Many companies can specialise in commercial pest control and can provide effective plans to prevent future infestations. Obtaining a service and support from a licensed pest control company can be a smart investment for a healthy workplace and guarantees regulatory compliance.

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