Maximize Employee Functions with the Right Payroll Package Software


Managing the company payroll can be daunting, especially for large workforces. Although every business has its own payroll needs, some steps can be applied to all companies.

The best payroll package software provides convenience and integration with your core business systems. It should have reporting capabilities and isaccessibleto technical and non-technical staff. It should also make it easy for you to run reports, file tax returns, and engage in strategic planning. In addition, a good payroll package should be easy to customize and offer reporting features that you can use to analyze your financials.

The best payroll package software includes pre-built processes so employees can quickly change information and settings. It should also have guidance for employees new to the software. Moreover, it should be flexible enough to accommodate a growing diversity of payment structures and work roles. Read on below and explore how having the right payroll package software can help your Philippines payroll system strive and maximize employee functions. 

Seven Ways to Improve Your Payroll Management

Although every company is different, some steps can be taken to meet the needs of most companies.

It is a worthwhile investment to take the time to plan, implement and monitor strategic changes and improvements for your company and your employees. Check out these seven ways to improve your payroll management process.

  •  Streamline Your Payroll Systems

Not all, but somepayroll package softwaremay not work well with your company’s accounting system. Many systems can capture, track, input, process, and report employee hours. It can lead to many pain points – where errors are made frequently or data is lost.

Streamlining, simplifying, and consolidating your current systems can help improve your payroll management process. With the right payroll package software, you and your team can improve your efficiency by reviewing all steps and taking the time to look at the whole process from a high-level perspective.

  • Combining or aligning your different pay schedules

Many companies use different pay schedules. For example, there may be monthly pay for management and bi-weekly or weekly pay periods for hourly workers. It may seem sensible on certain levels, but it can cause errors in your payroll process.

  • Choose a Paperless Payroll System

If you’re like many businesses, you’re already searching for ways to “go Green”, reduce costs, and keep your data secure; a paperless payroll process is one way to achieve this.

Implementing a paperless payroll system is a win-win situation for everyone.It can be a massive step in the right direction to eliminate timecards, timesheets, paper paychecks and physical pay stubs. While an online portal system is a great way to reduce paper usage, the majority of employees prefer electronic payment information and check stubs. 

  • Upgrading your Payroll Software

Your payroll software upgrade can help you streamline payroll processing for your company. You may notice a decrease in time spent processing payroll and a greater accuracy in data entry. However, a computer program will not solve all your problems.

  • Keep informed about federal and state tax requirements

Businesses must keep up to date with the many compliance rules and regulations of the IRS and other government agencies. Businesses that miss deadlines or fail to file certain forms can face severe consequences, particularly for smaller businesses. 

Although payroll tax filing is an essential business function, it doesn’t have to be costly.It would be best to make it a part of your daily work routine to review and update your state regularly, Federal, employee, and tax regulations. Your staff and you will save a lot of money and avoid costly errors and delays by being up to date.

  • Continue to receive regular training and education

The HR Manager’s role is changing and evolving in many ways as the business grows, technology advances and the demands placed on human resources departments shift. 

For a successful HR professional, continuing education is crucial.Organizations need to continue learning and being trained. This is particularly true for payroll and HR professionals. Payroll management is not a static field, as it constantly evolves. Payroll professionals must be “up-to-speed” with technological changes, available tools, and regulations.

Outsourcing Your Payroll Process

Payroll processing is an essential aspect of any business. Outsourcing will free up valuable time to concentrate on other business activities. However, it is necessary to ensure that you work with an outsourcing company that can meet the needs of your business. Payroll processing can be time-consuming, and it is essential to make sure that you have a legal agreement with the provider. The agreement should include deadlines and professional aspects.

With the never-ending development and modernization, businesses must be fast and accurate to remain competitive in today’s digital age. GreatDay HR’s cloud-based HR solution is secure and can automate your routine administrative processes providing you with the following features:

Integrated HRIS and Payroll Solutions

An integrated HRIS and payroll system can provide several advantages to your company. First, it can reduce the time and resources spent on maintaining clean records in several systems. For example, if you have recently hired a new employee, their information will automatically be updated in your learning management system (LMS), which means less work for your HR staff. Additionally, you will have fewer data entry errors, allowing your employees to focus more on HR strategy and initiatives.


Attendance Management

With GreatDay HR, your business can utilize a next-generation, state-of-the-art attendance records system that will help your HR department keep an eye on your employees and grow your business. Integrating the Payroll Module ensures accurate computations making it easy to focus on other valuable tasks.

Human Resources Hassle-free Management

Managing payroll can be time-consuming, especially for small businesses. Payroll processing can include calculating employee salaries, calculating tax payments, managing direct deposits, and checking timecards. It is also essential to ensure that the correct information is sent to the provider on time. Outsourcing payroll can help save time and money by taking care of these tasks.

GreatDay HR’s HRIS/Payroll Software makes it easy to automate your HR processes so that you have more time for growing your business.


A payroll software package can be complex, requiring additional support resources and data migration. It also involves training staff, especially new users. In addition, payroll software has a learning curve. Therefore, choosing one that can provide you with advanced features to help maximize and improve your business and workforce is essential.Additionally, the right payroll package software will help organizations streamline the processes used to calculate and pay employees.