3 Important Covers Provided Under Travel Insurance

Before you hop onto that most-awaited trip, you must compulsorily make a check-list and look into a lot of things such as the timings of your flight, accommodation, things to pack considering the weather conditions of the country you’ll be traveling to, etc. Amid these things, your check-list might miss out on the most important thing that is a travel insurance policy. If you’re planning the trip with your family members, you can go for a familytravel insurance that will cover all your loved ones under a single plan and you will feel secured for your entire trip.

Here in this article, we will look at all the benefits you will receive if you invest in a good travel plan and the process to purchase one:

  1.     Loss of baggage

When you’re traveling to a place far away from the homeland, you carry all the essentials in your luggage. Your bag must include things like important documents, identity cards, clothes, medicines, money, etc. And in case you lose these things, your trip could get difficult. Therefore, most of the travel insurance policies include coverage for this. In case there is a delay of baggage, it will also be covered under this plan.

  1.     Cancellation of trips

When you make trip arrangements, there are a lot of important things to look at which also includes transportation. For this, firstly you need to be well aware of the situation going on at the destination that you’re visiting. If there is a case of political unrest or an outbreak of an epidemic, you will have to cancel your trip.

Or, there could be circumstances arising at your end. In case there is an emergency wherein you will need to cancel your trip, you will end up losing all the money spent on the trip. If you have a travel insurance plan, you will receive compensation for trip cancellations.

  1.     Medical Expenses

You might face a medical emergency anytime on the trip. Even if you were careful, situations like these do not come with a warning. On top of it when you’re traveling to a completely unknown land, it can be overwhelming with all the high cost of medical bills.

If you do not have a financial backup such as a family travel insurance plan on a trip with your loved ones, it may lead to severe financial losses. Thus, this coverage proves to be extremely useful as it provides assistance with medical expenses. You can contact your insurer and request cashless claims or pay the bills for the moment and get reimbursed later.

Process of buying Travel Insurance

There are two ways of availing travel insurance policy, either offline or online. If you’re going for the traditional way of buying the policy offline, you will have to look for various policies manually and compare each one individually yourself, which will consume a lot of your time. Then you will need to fill the form and make payment through cheque, after which you will receive the physical copy of the document. Your insurance policy will arrive through post only if your application gets approved.

On the other hand, if you choose the modern online method, the process becomes a lot easier. All you need to do is visit the insurance company’s website, fill in the necessary details, make the payment online, and receive the policy in your inbox within minutes. Also, the comparison can be done online itself, which will save your time and you can research the policy for yourself.

Depending on your trip you can choose from the various policies available and you do not have to settle for a standard travel plan that won’t even offer you complete coverage. For instance, if the purpose of your trip is to study abroad, you can opt for student travel insurance and receive better coverage. Make sure to go through the policy wordings before you purchase any plan and look for the exclusions as well.