YouTube Views Purchase My LenosTube Experience


YouTube views are like new gold coins in the digital words of video sharing and streaming. Similarly, they are essential to earning and attaining a position among successful YouTubers. 

The giant video sharing platform was launched at the end of 2005, and it didn’t have much competition. Today in 2022, it is undisputed among its competitors and hosts millions of channels worldwide. 

Any kid with a computer or tab can create a channel but taking it to the earn phase is a hectic and time-consuming task. 

There are services online that can help you with views and assist you on various fronts concerning YouTube.

Please keep reading to find out how I get most of my views for YouTube and what my thoughts are about the service I use. 

My initial experience

As mentioned earlier, various services provide you with video views, comments, and even video shares on other social media platforms. 

Like most YouTubers, I was stuck at the initial phase of my YouTube channel, so I decided to get the assistance of experts on the subject. 

I was not getting many views on my videos even though my content was excellent, and I am a decent SEO expert. I checked numerous services for a few months.

Most of the services were not very responsive to my needs until one of my friends recommended me LenosTube. 

My LenosTube Experience

At LenosTube, they claim to take your YouTube channel marketing to the next level. Let me walk you through the various aspects of their business and dealings. 

Customer Service

Before buying any service online, you must always check the response time and the sellers’ customer service ability. 

I found their CS very timely and friendly. Also, they didn’t waste my time with fluff talk and attended to my reservations.


They offer decent packages from $9 to $269, ranging from 1000 views to 50000 views, respectively. 

They claim to provide genuine and authentic reviews without using artificial means, which goes against YouTube’s policy.

As per my experience, they provided real and monetizable views.

Delivery Time

They cannot deliver the views in one push as that is not safe for you and them. So, you get 200 – 2000 views per day depending on the type of views you requested.

If your view request is for country-specific views, they provide 200+ per day. Also, the international views can go up to 2000 per day.

The exact delivery method was implemented on my channel, and I believe it works perfectly for me.

Stability and Warnings

The LenosTube views are permanent, and they don’t drop with time. 

Also, since they are from real people, you might get subscribers, comments, likes and dislikes. 

As for me, my views never dropped after the purchase.

Working Method and transparency

They are transparent and straightforward about their working policy. 

Their experts get your YouTube views through direct promotion using their teams on various platforms. Also, they target a specific audience interested in your content through advertisements.

As you might already know, YouTube loves the traffic from outside and favors the channels that bring it. Similarly, LenosTube’s view gathering method favors you in more than a few ways.

Furthermore, this view-gathering method is legal and is encouraged. So, there is no risk of any penalty or warning to your channel.


I think they are one of the most used and effective YouTube marketing services to buy views and promote your channel which you can find at

Can they do better? Yes, there is always room for improvement, so I hope they start doing even better. 

As for me, I am delighted with their service.