Rosin Extraction: All you need to know

By now you may already be familiar with what rosin is. And if you don’t know, it is time that you do your own research. It is necessary that you do your own research so as to dig deeper. Here, we will help you know everything about rosin presses.

What is rosin?

Rosin refers to the process of extracting oil from cannabis plants that is responsible for bestowing unique taste and smell. Rosin uses heat and pressure to extract the oil. It is a very easy process and does not require any other process.

Unlike other materials, Rosin does not use any external substance or solvent, which is why you can expect complete pure taste and smell. The taste and smell appears the same as strain.

Hence, rosin has become extremely popular over the years especially in the extracts market.

How do you make rosin?

Making rosin is very easy, only with minimal equipment and investment. If you are making rosin at home, you can make it only for $500. However, it is necessary that you purchase from a reputable brand. The Sasquash Presses are one of the most reliable rosin presses. Hence, it is only the presses that require the maximum investment.

The factors that help in producing rosin include time, pressure and heat or temperature. But, it is necessary that you follow the strains. Only a few strains produce high quality rosin.

  • Temperature

As stated, temperature is the key to making a high-quality rosin. It is necessary to know the stages of temperature to get your hands on the perfect rosin.

Low Temperature (190-220°F)

Helps to produce flavourful but low quantities of material.

High temperature (220-250°F)

Although mess flavourful but more material.

This also helps you find the perfect pressure. However, you shouldn’t exceed temperatures above 250°F.

  • Pressure

You may want to buy a rosin press of the highest pressure quality, but it is suggested to check the perfect pressure. Often, high pressures (depending on the strain) will yield less desirable results, and thereby lead to lipid formation which can have a negative impact on your rosin quality.

  • Time

The time for extracting rosin will often depend on the material and pressure you are using. The temperature will however have an important impact. The average time for all pressure to get desirable results include 20-60 seconds.

It is better to do your own research before purchasing the rosin presses. The brand and quality will have an important role on the price of the product.