How Can You Ship Any Car to or From Arizona?

Arizona is one of the best places that you can find in the country where you can always plan a road trip. Arizona is sharing borders with a few states like New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, California, and also the Mexican border. Besides that, there are plenty of amazing destinations all around Arizona.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you are mobile enough to visit The Colorado River flow that is flowing through the state’s northern part and down to its western side of the border. If you can manage to transport your car to Tucson or Phoenix, then you can easily make your trip starting from there by using your car.

You can get very good support from Ship a Car, Inc. to ship car to Arizona from any state and you can just relax while SAC will ensure that your car will reach the destination in perfectly good condition.

How long will it take to ship your car across the country?

For any car shipping company, it is very usual that they can cover easily several hundred miles in a day. However, the time they need to deliver the car may vary. It will depend on several things.

One of the most obvious factors is the actual distance the carrier needs to travel. To make a journey from Houston and reaching Phoenix may take 4 to 6 calendar days. Similarly, a journey from Philadelphia and to reach Las Vegas may take from 7 to 9 calendar days.

A few other factors also can influence the time frame are:

  • The number of stops the transport carrier will make
  • What is the traffic flow
  • Weather conditions
  • Heavy traffic
  • Detours.
  • Road constructions

How many hours a truck driver will be legally allowed on the road has also a certain limit, which can also impact the time it may take to ship any car across the country.

Methods of Arizona car shipping

The total shipping cost to transport a car to Arizona may depend on how much distance the car needs to go, which car shipping choice you have decided, and also what your timeline is.

There are the following 2 options available:

1.     Open transport truck

If you prefer a cheaper method to ship your car then you must go for an open transport truck. Such arrangement can ensure safe shipping and also cut down on the high fuel costs.

A truck will carry 9 other cars along with your car and hence the fuel cost will get distributed. For most of the cars that are shipped to Arizona, this method is more preferred. This option is quite good for sedans, minivans, as well as SUVs.

2.     Enclosed transport truck

While shipping any luxury model or a very high-end special car to Arizona, you may go for an enclosed transport truck so that your car will remain well protected from the outside climate.

Since your car will also share with a couple of other cars in the same transport, you will have peace of mind that the expensive car of yours will be treated with lots of care. However, the cost of shipping will be considerably higher than the above open transport option.