Characteristics That Separate Ordinary From Extraordinary Entrepreneurs; Does It Really Matter?


Do you possess what it takes to make it a successful technology startup in the next few years in Hong Kong? If you do, why don’t you process with a Hong Kong company registration right away and start your venture with your business partners and your team? Hopefully you will meet the angel investors who understand how good you and your team are, and are willing to support you with more than sufficient funding in the coming years.

Vision? Mission? Or Passion?

Do you want to change the world? Often you will see a successful entrepreneur asking young people this simple question, regarding whether you are a startup founder in Hong Kong or elsewhere in the world. The question sounds simple and straight forward, but it takes a lot to achieve the results. What a successful (and risk-taking) entrepreneur usually possesses that other ordinary people do not is vision. On a higher level, vision is a characteristic that separates ordinary founders from the extraordinary ones. Successful technology startups must have founders who know when exactly they are up for building a “next generation” product (most probably for the future). This product may well revolutionize a new marketplace (or a few markets in different places in the world). It has always been these types of products that create the real value for many consumers. Vision is usually about more than just selling a product, whether it is physical or digital.

All the roads ahead of a startup founder and his team is tough. Passion is about being able to enjoy the rough journey. A HK startup team including especially the founders, co-founders, and the partners are usually looking at working 60-80 hours a week. Then basically have no life in their leisure hours.

The Innovation and the Product

Innovation is another element or characteristic. The most successful Hong Kong startup founders are at the forefront of the latest technologies. They are not afraid of pushing all the boundaries in front of them, even though behind all those boundaries there are cliffs. The successful ones would have built the bridges as they move forward. Eventually the bridges become long enough, and they would have extended to the other side of the mountain.

The Hardwork – Being Persistent

Who would give us? Who would stop? Most ordinary people would. But not for extraordinary founders who are hungry for success ahead of them. Being persistent is very important. Most successful startups would have been able to scale up themselves. This requires tackling unfamiliar problems in the most uncomfortable situations most of the time and on a regular basis. Under a specific situation, the founder and his team may have absolutely no idea what to do initially. They may have hit not only one setback, but a few. Fortunately, they are a team who persist on achieving it. They would keep trying until they have the answer or solution for the problem. Great entrepreneurs do not always hit home runs. They would slowly and gradually solve one problem at a time. This allows them to stretch forward without limitation. This is the type of company who will raise millions of dollar from angel investors and VCs to keep growing their business into global business.

What’s Next?

When you have the characteristics to become successful, why not setting up your business right away?