Bitcoin mixer applications

Cryptocurrency is a marvel of modern technology. Cryptocurrency refers to digital currencies. It is created and transmitted using cryptographic methods, mostly based on blockchain technology. “Coins” are initially issued electronically, literally by performing mathematical calculations.

And like any other money in electronic accounts, they need to be protected from attacks by hackers and various hacks. Special servers called Bitcoin mixers have been invented for this purpose.

What is the need for a mixer?

Everyone has heard about bitcoin’s anonymity, but few know that it is practically a myth. Blockchain is a database that stores the history of all transactions made and it is worth linking your details once to a transaction, such as paying for home delivery, and all transactions in the system can become personalized when monitored by regulatory authorities. 

This already provides the ability to track each bitcoin holder’s method of earning, depositing, and withdrawing funds, as well as all payment destinations and available savings, with proof of affiliation to a specific individual.

In turn, bitcoin mixers make their users’ transactions completely anonymous. These platforms mix a certain amount of your bitcoins with the bitcoins of other holders, after which the origin of the coins becomes untraceable.

BitMix.Biz and its main features

The principle behind the mixer is that collects all clients’ coins into one account, mixes them, and then distributes the bitcoins to its clients.


  • The resource sends you a guarantee letter. This is proof of BitMix biz’s commitment and that the service has generated a shipping address for you
  • The site provides you with a special 12 character code that ensures you will never get back your previously sent bitcoins exactly 
  • BitMix biz includes an affiliate program and pays for your invited users, you will be rewarded after your first transaction by your partner
  • Does not require you to go through registration and provide personal data
  • Transaction history is recycled as soon as your order is no longer relevant